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 About Me

My name is Zachary Jorgensen and I am a passionate photographer. Photography possesses the infinite ability to
captivate viewers and help them visualize the beauty around them; it helps people truly live in the present and beyond their imagination.

Photography demands the complete attention to detail by the photographer. To be wholly immersed into the present action of capturing the boundless and unique beauty is something that photographers must lose themselves in. The thought-provoking and endless approaches to securing the perfect photograph must be not only familiar to a photographer, but also alluring. I truly believe that authentic inspiration must be stem from an awe-inspiring imagination and sense of self within an artist.

I enjoy capturing an eclectic array of places and people; from exemplifying the most primitive of fears to ecstasy within people, as well as the endlessly diverse landscapes of our stunning planet, I yearn to obtain as much of the world as possible through my own style. My style has been influenced by my education at Northern Arizona University, as well as by the incredible people that have impacted my life.

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Phone:  (702)580-1730

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